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  • Dr. Dave Christie

Your book held my attention from beginning to end

Dear Mrs Kuby, I recently read a critique by John Loiterton of your book, The Global Sexual Revolution, in the Journal of Creation Vol. 33(1) 2019. I was so impressed with it, it made me want to read the entire book, which I have just done. Your book held my attention from beginning to end. It is, in parts, quite alarming and a wake-up call to us all, but particularly to those who are allowing the LGBTI movement to gain so much traction simply by their apathy. Your quote of Edmund Burke on p. 258 is very apt.

Over the years we, like you, have seen a progressive falling away from God. As all engineers would know, “tolerance” used to mean “deviation from a standard”. We in Australia now have a corrupt education system that embraces such deviations from Christian moral standards and is brainwashing our children with godless doctrines that will detract from their happiness and their fulfilment – both on this earth and in eternity.

Thank you for the boldness with which you have exposed what is happening, particularly to those nations that were founded on Christian principles. USA has “In God We Trust” on its dollar bill, but do they? The Preamble to the Australian National Constitution begins with, “Humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God …” But such humility is no longer apparent. Australia has recently endorsed homosexual marriage and some states now allow abortions up to full term. And the so called “Safe Schools” program that was supposed to counter bullying, promotes the LGBTI agenda. I can add little, if anything, to the endorsements of the distinguished individuals that appear on the rear cover and at the beginning of your book. The subtitle, Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom succinctly encapsulates what is happening. I pray that the book will get favourable reviews by the media and open the eyes of many to stand with you against the sinister and nefarious force that is sweeping away so many on a tide to Hell. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him so well.


Dr Dave Christie

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